A Gift is so much more than a donation – it’s a carefully considered act of generosity. When something is gifted by you, the recipient knows that there is particular sentiment attached to the present. Your gift might be wrapped and infused with personal values or feelings, often timed to celebrate a special moment. Whatever the circumstances, when you make a gift you are imparting something of yourself, not simply responding to an impersonal appeal by way of a donation.

Our team recognises that you know your organisation, your people and your future plans, better than anyone. We also understand that bringing the right sort of gifts to make those plans happen can be incredibly challenging when you’re going it alone.

We offer the practical, day-to-day professional services needed to design and deliver fundraising programmes that lead to meaningful gifts, not just donations.

If you’re considering how best to put together the funding for your transformational project or you want to introduce a ‘step-change’ strategy, then we’d welcome a conversation about how to create a fundraising partnership, that is exceptional, and just right for you.

Our areas of work

The basics of a successful fundraising campaign are consistent across every charitable sector, particularly when seeking to attract major gifts.

We will apply these fundamental principles to all clients, from places of worship to places of recreation; from centres of learning to centres of medical excellence and advancement; and from national charities with an international remit to local organisations who make a difference within their own communities.

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