About us

Gifted Philanthropy was founded to give volunteer leaders the confidence and capacity to raise major funding for the organisations they are inspired by.

A Gifted partnership is dedicated to creating exceptional fundraising programmes for the projects you care about. No matter what the shape or size of your organisation, our directors and senior consultants come with the experience you need to achieve outstanding results. Whether you’re still shaping your vision and looking for feasibility support or maybe wanting to take stock and seek the benefits of a rigorous strategy view, we’re here to put you on the right track.

We’re proud of the work that we do and the commitment we bring to upholding professional standards in the Third Sector. Our directors are internationally respected and every member of our team shares a passion for philanthropy in their personal as well as their professional lives. To read more about our directors click here.

Gifted North

Our business in the North has grown significantly over the last three years, which is something our Yorkshire born and bred Chief Executive Amy Stevens is very proud of.

Gifted Midlands

Coventry’s City of Culture 2021 and Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 headline a fast-growing region which is seeing a significant amount of funds and attention being brought to projects in the Midlands.

Gifted South

Our business in the South is by no means London-centric and we have advised a range of clients across the region, from Cambridge to Plymouth and Kent to Bedfordshire.

Gifted Global

Whilst we’re largely a UK-based consultancy, we like to spread our wings further afield and regularly work with organisations around the world.