Feasibility Studies

Preparing to raise a large sum of money in a relatively short period of time, requires a laser-focus on getting reliable answers to the key questions of where the money is for your project and who is best placed to secure it.

The key elements of a feasibility study

Planning and undertaking a feasibility study, whatever the size or shape of your organisation, usually involves the following tools:


What is a Feasibility Study?

A Gifted feasibility study is a qualitative research process that usually addresses your organisation’s readiness to mount a capital fundraising campaign.  It’s based on a series of confidential, behind the scenes interviews with a cross-section of your organisation’s leaders, givers, influential friends, staff members and other prospective supporters.

In some respects, the study can be regarded as a visit to your organisation’s most respected and valued supporters to seek the benefits of their wisdom, before you embark upon a major venture.  The combination of the influence that these supporters might have on key prospects and their willingness to use what affluence they have, to help realise the vision, is a critical factor.  When directly engaged through a study, often their access to others with these qualities helps open doors that have previously been considered inaccessible.

Your study needs to focus on two key questions:

  • Where is the money? Specifically, where are the top ten gifts that could typically deliver as much as half of your fundraising target?
  • Who can we ask to get it? Which people are prepared to lead by example, to make a gift themselves and ask others to join them in doing so?

Based on the information gathered, our depth of professional experience and other research data, the study report will provide you with a creative, clear and practical way forward.

The key benefits

  • You will establish just how ready you are to embark on a capital campaign or major fundraising endeavour.
  • Your organisation will be able to proceed with an assured, well-mapped plan of action.
  • You will be able to identify where alternative courses of action might prove more suitable for your organisation's needs.
  • The study will reveal potential leaders and givers for any future fundraising campaign.

"Gifted provided us with an insightful Feasibility Study which gives the Governing Body at DCGS the confidence and reassurance to press ahead with a number of ambitious fundraising plans. Participants who took part in the study really enjoyed meeting with Chris and appreciated his professionalism. We are delighted with the end results."
Clare Atkinson, Director of Development, Dr Challoners Grammar School, Deputy Chair IDPE

"By utilising an independent company to conduct a feasibility study we have gained invaluable insight into our donor community. Furthermore Chris’ experience and approach to his work made the process very smooth and he put the participants at ease. Feedback from interviewees about the process and their experience has been extremely positive."
Henrietta Carter-Mayers, Putney High School