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Webinar 5 | Planning your Christmas Appeal

Planning Your Christmas Appeal - Free Webinar

That’s right…we’re planning for Christmas already!


Keeping our heads together | IDPE Live

Invited To Take Part In IDPE Live

We were delighted to be invited to take part in IDPE Live, with Director, Chris Goldie.


Webinar 4 | Why your Communications Strategy is more important than ever

Charities Need Agility & Flexibility

Over the past few months, we've been keen to encourage charities to remain agile and flexible as they adapt to fundraising in a changed climate.


National Lottery Heritage Fund – Update

NHLF Not Accepting New Applications

The NLHF is not accepting any new applications for funding until October 2020 at the very earliest.


Are you getting the most out of online giving?

Safe, Convenient, & Flexible Giving

No matter what size you are, making sure that givers have a safe, convenient and flexible way to support your organisation is key to building long-term sustainability.

Client news

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral: Norman Church Treasure

Peterborough Cathedral is one of the greatest Norman churches in England, a national treasure and a monument of international significance.

Client news

Dublin Bay Biosphere

Dublin City Council Prepares World-Class Discovery Center Test

Despite lockdown, Dublin City Council is preparing to test its vision for a world-class Discovery Centre at the UNESCO recognised Dublin Bay Biosphere.


What can fundraisers do to let the light in?

Generosity & Kindness Pierce Through The Gloom

As we all adjust to new ways of living and working, many of us are witnessing how generosity and kindness have the power to pierce through the gloom.


Webinar 3 | Designing a transformational legacy programme

Third Webinar Focused On Legacy Giving

Thanks to the feedback from participants in our first two webinars, we’re offering a third session, this time focused on Legacy Giving.


There's still time to register...

Capital Campaign Webinar

Webinar 2 | Delivering a Capital Campaign


May 2020 Webinars

Planning A Major Project Or Campaign?

Are you planning a major project or currently in the midst of a capital campaign?


Insights 3 | Advice for Health and Welfare organisations

Gifted Insights For Health/Welfare Fundraisers

Chief Executive, Amy Stevens offers some Gifted Insights for fundraisers in the Health and Welfare sector.


Insights 2 | Advice for Sports and Recreation organisations

Gifted Insights For Sports Fundraisers

Director, Chris Goldie offers some Gifted Insights to fundraisers in the Sports and Recreation sector.


Insights 1 | Advice for Churches and Cathedrals

Gifted Insights For Fundraisers In Churches & Cathedrals Sector

Director, Andrew Day offers some Gifted Insights for fundraisers in the Churches and Cathedrals sector.


It’s good to know you’re not alone

Free Online Conversation With Directors

Get in touch and ask for a free, heads together, online conversation with one of our Directors.


Help for arts, heritage and cultural organisations

Arts Council England Prioritizes Supporting Arts, Museums, & Libraries

Arts Council England has declared its number one priority over the coming months is to support people who work in the arts, museums and libraries.


Our Response to Covid-19

Gifted Remains Open For Business

Despite these challenging times, we’d like to reassure all our clients that Gifted remains open for business.

Client news

Castel Froma Neuro Care

Helping With Neurological Conditions, Restoring Well-Being

Helping those living with complex neurological conditions to find peace of mind and feel more like themselves again.


New Leadership at Gifted

Amy Stevens Becomes Gifted Philanthropy CEO

Amy Stevens steps-up as the Chief Executive of Gifted Philanthropy taking on the leadership from Andrew Day

Client news

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Reappointed For €10M Millennium Fund

We’re delighted to have been reappointed to advise on the planning and delivery of a €10 million millennium fund.


A deeper dive...

...into what our directors get up to when they're away from the desk.

Directors' Activities Outside The Office

Client news

The Queen Street School Preservation Trust

Wilderspin School Complex Is A Heritage Success Story

Situated close to the Humber Bridge near Hull, the Wilderspin School complex is a local heritage success story.

Client news

North Yorks Moors Historical Railway Trust

NYMR: Bringing Steam Engine Joy For 50 Years

Bringing the pleasures of steam engines to passengers of all ages has been the mission of NYMR for just over fifty years.


Getting better all the time

Challenges Of Fundraising In Health Sector

Raising money in the Health Sector comes with its own set of challenges.