Legacy Giving Programmes

As the ultimate gift someone can make, legacy giving can transform both an organisation’s finances and its relationship with its supporters.

Key elements of a Legacy Giving Programme

Planning and undertaking a Legacy Giving Programme, whatever the size or shape of your organisation, usually involves the following:


What might a Legacy Giving Programme look like?

Many organisations are nervous about launching Legacy Giving Programmes due to the obvious matter of speaking about death and so opt for the ‘soft approach’ of a few discreet leaflets dotted around a facility or available online. However, those charities who embrace a proactive Legacy Giving Programme see transformational results for the organisation and its long-term ability to deliver its objectives.

To do this effectively, we undertake a review of the organisation and its current giving levels and programmes so we can understand giving patterns amongst your supporters. Detailed research, undertaken on a face-to-face basis will be conducted with a select range of individuals connected to the organisations, which is usually complimented by a wide-reaching survey sent to all members, volunteers or supporters. This research enables us to understand what appeals to your supporters in terms of any recognition that may be offered, the level of understanding currently in place about Inheritance Tax and other matters, and identify who might champion your Programme, all of which enables us to design a bespoke Legacy Giving Programme that embodies your charity’s vision and values.

The key benefits

  • Increased income from a new source.
  • A proactive programme which enables you to discuss the use of a giver’s planned gift before they die, thus giving them peace of mind that their money will be spent how they desire.
  • These delicate discussions allow you to build stronger relationships with your most committed givers.
  • Receiving pledges of giver’s intentions enables your organisation to plan for the future.