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A secure fundraising future for CARA

The Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) looks to strengthen its fundraising capacity

The Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA) provides urgently needed help to academics around the world who are either in immediate danger, forced into exile or, despite the high level of threat, are keen to remain in their home countries.

The Charity also supports higher education institutions whose work is at risk or compromised. Every year, CARA’s Fellowship Programme receives hundreds of requests for help from desperate academics, in immediate danger of arrest, injury or even death. Working in partnership with universities, research institutes, learned societies, academics and other individuals, CARA offers practical and financial help that makes it possible for them to continue their work in safety. However, given the uncertainties in the world, whether natural disasters, economic collapse or man-made conflict, the Charity has to be prepared to respond, in an instant, to whatever might be happening.

Developing a long-term fundraising

To help CARA build its internal fundraising capacity, Gifted was engaged to conduct a feasibility study with a view to developing a more effective long-term strategy. The study comprised a mix of qualitative, quantitative and comparative research that would accurately shape CARA’s fundraising plan and recommend the best possible structure for its delivery.

“The importance of CARA’s work is already recognised by the support it receives from a network of 135 universities and research institutes, national and international grant- makers and individual members of the academic community,” said Gifted’s Chris Goldie. “Strengthening this support was one of the key goals of the study. CARA now has the information it needs to craft an effective fundraising strategy and become a pro-active fundraising charity.”