Arts Council England | Project Grants are back

When COVID-19 hit and funders such as the Arts Council closed grant programmes to focus on emergency funding, we feared it might be some time until ’normal’ projects could access these critical funding pots.

So, we’re delighted that the Arts Council’s Project Grants Programme re-opens on 22 July, meaning all those organisations who were planning an application earlier in the year can now resume their work.

Here’s a few key pointers if you are thinking of applying to the Arts Council:

  • Remember, you have to register on Grantium, ACE’s online application portal and this can take 10 days for clearance.
  • If you are applying for under £15,000, you’ll receive a decision in 6 weeks. For over £15,000 expect to wait 12 weeks.
  • Project Grants can include elements of capital work, and/or project delivery.

Securing a grant from funders such as the Arts Council, is about more than simply filling out a form. You need to think about evaluation, public engagement and audience development, amongst many other elements. it's also worth remembering that competition will be higher than ever as charities in the Arts and Culture sector struggle to get on a level footing again and realise their project visions.

If you’d like support in preparing an application to the Arts Council, get in touch with one of our Directors for a confidential, no obligations discussion of your organisation’s project or programme.


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