Seacombe URC

Seacombe’s gothic style Church in Wallasey, Merseyside, is a fine example of faith in action. Members have worked hard to preserve a proud history of worship ever since the Church was dedicated in 1912. Sadly, though, rising maintenance costs meant they were forced to close the building in 2016. From its new base in the adjacent hall, the congregation continued to come together in fellowship and eventually forged an ambitious plan to resurrect and redevelop their beloved building.

‘We are delighted to be supporting Seacombe URC in their goal to secure substantial funding for the project from grant-making Trusts and Foundations,’ says Gifted’s Amy Stevens. ‘This is a very exciting venture that promises to deliver huge benefits for the local community. With increasing reductions in Council-run public services, this reinvigorated place of worship will become a vibrant hub for a whole range of important services and facilities, supporting the disadvantaged and vulnerable in the area.’

If you have a development project that requires philanthropic investment and you’d like advice on how to take the next steps, please contact one of our directors for an initial, no obligations conversation.


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