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Great St Bartholomew's Church

Oldest Extant Church's Fundraising Campaign

The City of London’s oldest extant church is preparing for a major fundraising campaign in advance of its 900th anniversary

Great St Bartholomew’s Church, affectionately known as ‘St Bart’s’, was founded in 1123 by a favourite of King Henry I, the court jester, Rahere. Inspired by a vision of St Bartholomew whilst on pilgrimage to Rome, Rahere returned to London and established the priory church and nearby hospital that today still thrive in West Smithfield.

In 2023, St Bart’s celebrates 900 years of history, mission and ministry. As the adopted church of various City livery companies and a much-loved location amongst filmmakers, its stunning architecture lends grandeur, beauty and a tangible spirituality to the sacred and secular activities that take place within its ancient walls.

In advance of its forthcoming special anniversary, Gifted has been engaged to undertake a Feasibility Study for a major fundraising campaign that will support vital repair work, inclusive ministry and world-class music. ‘This is a magnificent church with a rich history,’ says Gifted’s, Andrew Day. ‘The next couple of years sees a wonderful opportunity to secure its beautiful building for future generations and at the same time explore exciting plans to strengthen its mission, music and longer term endowment funding.’

St Bart’s PCC member, Jack Drury, says, ‘The parish is delighted to have appointed Gifted as a partner, as together we explore how to capitalise on being the first church in London to turn 900.’

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