How strong does your ESG need to be?

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices are becoming more and more important to consumers, investors and regulators. In the Third Sector, we’re also seeing charities being asked to clarify their ESG and sustainability credentials, before gifts and grants are awarded.

Gifted Webinar, Thursday 28 April, 2pm - 3pm | How strong does your ESG need to be?

In this session, Gifted’s Chief Executive, Amy Stevens and Paul Vick, Founder of Paul Vick Architects, explore the need for charities to consider the strength of their ESG strategies. Whilst Amy will walk you through the impact of your ESG position from a fundraising perspective, Paul will address the capital project; from the minefield of adapting a heritage building to be more energy efficient, to top tips on planning a low carbon, new build. Register here.

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