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Life-changing voyages with Seas Your Future

Seas Your Future empowers through the ocean

Since 2008, Seas Your Future (SYF) has been changing young lives through the power of the ocean

Since 2008, Seas Your Future (SYF), has been changing young lives through the power of the ocean. Initially set up to provide bursaries for youngsters eager to get involved in sail related activities, it now operates a full calendar of sailing programmes aboard the tall ship Pelican of London, which the charity acquired in 2012.

As Pelican crew members, young people from different backgrounds, aged between 14 and 25, embark on a voyage of self-discovery like no other. Whilst aboard, they learn from experts in sail training, explore the possibilities of a maritime career or ignite a passion for ocean science and environmental conservation. Most importantly, they learn how to communicate with others, develop greater self-confidence and experience immense personal growth.

Meeting the demand for places

Year on year, SYF has seen the demand for its sail training experiences increase dramatically. Applications for the charity’s 6-month expeditions are at an all-time high and its shorter, summer voyages operating around the UK and Europe are almost at capacity.

Recognising the need to do more, SYF engaged Gifted to conduct a fundraising feasibility study. This tested the potential of growing income to £1m annually, making it possible to contribute to the purchase and remodelling of a second tall ship, as well increasing the number of bursary places on offer and expanding activities to include younger age groups.

“The response to the study was overwhelmingly positive,” says Gifted’s Chief Executive, Amy Stevens. “It’s clear that SYF is providing unique opportunities for young people to cultivate not just a love of sailing, but a passion for marine conservation and an appreciation of the rapidly emerging Blue Economy. We’re really excited about helping the charity to support its ambitions with a bespoke fundraising strategy.”

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