National Lottery Heritage Fund – Update

The NLHF is not accepting any new applications for funding until October 2020 at the very earliest. And, if the example of Arts Council England is anything to go by, it’s very likely that this moratorium on new applications could be extended into 2021. Whilst this is frustrating and unfortunate, it doesn’t mean that your organisation should stop planning your approach to the NLHF, so that you are ready to apply as soon as you possibly can. Inevitably, there will be a plethora of applications descending on the NLHF when it reopens for normal business, making it more important than ever for your project to be well-developed.

Our key recommendations are:

  1. Be as thorough as you can in your preparation. Focus hard on the activities you are planning and how they might be impacted or delivered differently if social distancing becomes the norm for the foreseeable future. Make sure that you have a clear understanding of what you want to do, how much you will need and what the outcomes of your project will be.
  2. Use this additional planning time to consult as widely as possible with those who will benefit from your project. Applications that can demonstrate broad consultation are more likely to catch the eye of the NLHF.
  3. Develop your strategy for securing partnership funding early. Applications supported by a clear fundraising vision will be at an advantage.

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