Noah's Ark Foundation

All our clients are special – we wouldn’t work with them otherwise - but every now and again, a one-of-a-kind project crops up that pushes boundaries, tests our skills and sets a remarkable fundraising challenge. When in early 2020 our Chief Executive, Amy Stevens, first met one of the founders of the Noah’s Ark Foundation, Richard Prinsloo-Curson, and discussed the requirements for fundraising, little did she know quite what the scale of the project would be…

Soon to be a registered charity in the UK, and likely also the United States, the Noah’s Ark Foundation is a South African based organisation, taking on the biggest conservation project in the world. With £5 billion to be raised through a mixture of philanthropic and commercial investment, Noah’s Ark will see a 100 km2 site in South Africa transformed to create a land-based Ark of biblical proportions – one that aims to secure the future of all plant and animal species on the planet.

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Setting new records in the sector

Gifted has been appointed to lead the global fundraising campaign on this incredible mission and it certainly strikes a chord with Amy too; “As an avid scuba diver and wildlife lover, the ethos behind Noah’s Ark is something of great importance to me. Not only that, but I’ve been inspired by the dedication and drive of the leadership at the Foundation – a seemingly impossible task to create the Ark is becoming more and more tangible by the day.” Despite the positivity, Amy recognises that a fundraising challenge of this magnitude is no mean feat; “A period of planning and feasibility is currently underway, in advance of the fundraising starting in earnest. In the autumn, we will begin reaching out to potential funders, and hope that major philanthropists across the globe will share the vision for making Noah’s Ark a reality and step-up when it matters.I think people appreciate that whilst the fundraising target may be setting new records in the sector, the price of inaction will be even greater.”

Whilst philanthropy is the focus of Gifted’s work, 4media group are leading a global PR and awareness programme, and the Foundation has enlisted its energy partner, South African based ReGen, who are bringing an innovative new renewable energy product to market. This reflects one of the core values of the Foundation – to also support South African business through the project development where possible.

Interestingly, despite the devastating global effects of Covid-19, the project is not experiencing any negative impact at present. As Amy says, “With team members across the world working on different aspects of the project, it has highlighted the importance, and effectiveness, of working virtually. Yes, it would be ideal to be able to get together round a table, but this period of lockdown has proved that a great deal can still be achieved at distance.”

To learn more about the project, please visit the Noah’s Ark Foundation website. If you have a local or international project that requires fundraising support, get in touch with one of our Directors for an initial, no obligations discussion.

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