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Over the last year, in association with IDPE (the Institute for Development Professionals in Education), we have been gathering information about fundraising and engagement activities from schools across the UK. We were delighted and extremely grateful that 215 development offices, representing 291 schools participated in the survey. It means that the 2022 Schools’ Fundraising and Engagement Benchmarking Report is the most comprehensive overview of development in the British education sector ever produced.

What makes schools’ fundraising successful

The Report is published this week and offers revealing insights into how schools  approached and delivered development over a 3 year period, from 2018 to 2021. For example, more than £425,000,000 was raised through gifts, legacies and pledges. This is a phenomenal achievement given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic and the challenges it introduced. 

From the outset, it was clear that no two schools’ development offices are the same. Some are well-oiled machines that have been functioning for years, whilst others are just starting out on their development journeys.

The report uses the latest data to highlight what, in fundraising terms, have been the most successful practices. It demonstrates how important it is for a development office to be supported by a school’s leadership team, both financially and personally, and also highlights which fundraising and engagement methodologies have made the biggest difference.  

An invaluable resource for any school

We very much hope that the report will help development professionals to make the case for greater investment, based on facts rather than supposition. By identifying where philanthropic income is most likely to come from and what causes are going to appeal to parents and alumni, we want the report to assist you in prioritising how to generate greater levels of support from both potential donors and school leaders.

The 2022 Schools’ Fundraising and Engagement Benchmarking Report is packed with information, statistics and trends. It also contains tips and recommendations based on Gifted’s extensive experience across the education sector. Using colour-coded tables, charts and narrative, focussing on the many elements needed for effective development, this report should be an invaluable resource for development professionals, Headteachers, Bursars, Governors and fundraising volunteers. It should also be one that supports a thriving but challenging sector to continue to grow and flourish.

All members of IDPE who completed the survey should be receiving their copies of the 2022 Benchmarking Report before the February half-term. Otherwise, you can order a copy from IDPE at a cost of £30 (inc. P&P).

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