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The Omère Foundation

Transforming the future of global healthcare

The Omère Foundation is the charitable arm of the Omère Longevity Institute, a pioneering health organisation with partner laboratories based in Germany, Italy and Switzerland. The Foundation’s goal is to change the familiar narrative of what it means to grow up and grow old. Rather than accept the challenging markers of ageing, the Foundation’s focus is on preventative healthcare and treatments that improve an individual’s overall vitality and biological age.

Unfortunately, even though scientists around the globe are perfecting diagnostics and advancing therapeutics to make this possible, these cutting-edge approaches are often hard to find and difficult to access. What’s more, traditional healthcare tends to limit itself to one-size-fits-all treatments and a wait-and-see approach. The upshot is that too many people fail to benefit from breakthrough health solutions that could change the course and quality of their lives.

The opportunity

In April this year, Gifted was engaged to undertake a fundraising feasibility study, testing the Foundation’s capacity to raise as much as $200m from philanthropic income and other investment partnerships. The study revealed a global community keen to support Omère’s charitable mission in growing an international network of pioneering new health centres.

“We wanted to explore the opportunities for facilitating better access to ground-breaking healthcare,” said Gifted’s Amy Stevens. “The response to the fundraising case was fascinating. Many of the global interviewees we spoke to could see the potential impact of shifting health budgets away from drugs and cure, towards innovation in life sciences, disease prevention and a more coherent understanding of wellness.”

Furnished with the feasibility study findings and a set of clear recommendations, the Foundation is now in an ideal place to develop its future fundraising strategy.