Are you getting the most from your online giving?

Adapting to the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic has seen charities become more reliant than ever on their online giving systems.

No matter what the size of your organisation, making sure that givers have a safe, convenient and flexible means of showing their support is key to successful fundraising. What's more, having the capacity to offer a user-friendly method of online giving could make all the difference to surviving and thriving beyond the current period of social distancing. So, whether you’re considering an emergency appeal or wanting to review your fundraising strategy and build in a new online giving system, this is an ideal opportunity to boost your regular individual giving and forge even stronger relationships with your supporters.

Online giving that works

At Gifted, we recently launched a new suite of Communications Services for charities across the Third Sector. As part of this offer, we’ve introduced a professional, convenient online giving system for charities and not-for-profits. The Gifted system seamlessly links from your existing website and is custom designed to match your branding style.

Video preview

Watch a video preview of the Gifted online donation system below...

The key benefits

The system's key benefits include:

  • Custom design across desktop, tablet and mobile, creating a system with your logo, branding and opening message. Gift value options can be decided by you, encouraging and making it easier for supporters to give.
  • Simple, secure and remote method of making monthly or one-off gifts for existing and new supporters.
  • Credibility and confidence. Donors can trust that gifts are being processed efficiently and payment data is safe.
  • GDPR compliant data capture of all givers so that you can issue appropriate thank you responses, track which donors are giving to you through multiple methods or campaigns and grow your database.
  • Gift Aid check box, removing the need for Gift Aid declarations that need downloading, completing and returning.
  • Online payment by Paypal, Credit Card or Standing Order, giving credibility to your organisation and confidence to donors that gifts are being processed efficiently and payment data is safe.
  • Confirmation and Thank You screen, providing reassurance to donors and letting them know how much their gift means.
  • Seamless connection to your existing website, achieving both branding and technical synergy.

Design demo

Take a walk through, page by page here: design walkthrough.

Giving made easy

We know that some of our clients have been quoted expensive fees to upgrade their online giving facilities. That’s why we’ve been keen to develop a system that not only works, but looks great and provides a first-rate platform for building your regular giving programmes.

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