Periodic Consulting

There are many reasons why clients choose to engage us to provide periodic or ad hoc consultancy services, rather than request a comprehensive study, strategy review or a full-time campaign manager.

It could be that they already have a large, very experienced in-house fundraising team, able to pick up many of the specialist fundraising tasks that consultants are usually asked to provide. In these cases, we offer a tailored, step-by-step partnership that complements existing strengths and injects clarity or momentum when it’s needed.

The advantage of periodic consultancy is that it delivers knowledge and expertise without the need to add to the full-time payroll of the Fundraising department. Gifted’s expertise covers all aspects of fundraising from major gifts to grant applications, community campaigns to events.

Heritage Lottery Fund applications

We also offer a service to help you benefit from our expertise in planning and submitting major applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund. If you’ve never completed an application before, or you’ve struggled to find success with this key grant-maker, you may be interested in engaging us to provide specialist guidance that will set you on your way. 

In Rochdale, this was exactly what was needed by the Dippy on Tour North West team, who appointed us to help them submit an HLF bid from inception to Round Two delivery and raise the required matched funding component.

Campaign development support

You may have a sizeable in-house development team, but are also planning a major capital project in addition to meeting your essential annual revenue costs. In this situation, it makes sound business sense to invest in some short-term additional resource to help deliver the capital campaign, which could be hands on major gifts fundraising, or mentoring and training your in-house team to develop the new skills required.

At Wakefield Grammar School Foundation, this is exactly what we have been doing to assist the in-house team of two, with strategic advice and hands on support in the Preparation Phase of a £10 million capital campaign.

Project Development

New fundraising initiatives require careful planning and the appropriate delivery mechanisms. Often your existing team may not have previous experience of such initiatives and therefore the best solution may well be to bring in periodic support to ensure that the programme is ready at the right time and with the right impact.

"Gifted is helping us to steer a course for a new generation of giving at the Goldsmiths’ Company. Throughout our long history, philanthropic giving has always been central to what we have stood for. We are grateful for Andrew’s insights and advice on how best to ensure that we inspire our members so that we can continue to be relevant contributors to national life."
Sir David Reddaway, Clerk, The Goldsmiths’ Company