Trusted expertise in all types of giving

Gifted Philanthropy was founded to give volunteer leaders the confidence and capacity to raise major funding for the organisations they are inspired by.

Breadth of experience

Gifted Philanthropy’s charity consulting services cover the entire spectrum of major gifts fundraising. Whether you’re looking for a fundraising consultancy with annual giving consultants, planned giving consultants or major-giving consultants, as a full-service fundraising consultancy, we have the people you need.

As one of the UK’s leading firms of charity consultants, our collective years of experience in the third sector, create the potential for exceptional fundraising partnerships.

Charity consultancy of choice

The team at Gifted Philanthropy make up the charity consultancy of choice for so many not-for-profit organisations in the UK. Our charity consultants not only advise clients on annual, planned and major-gifts strategies, but they also have specific experience as legacy consultants, advising institutions as varied as Peterborough Cathedral and the British School at Rome.

Get in touch with one of our charity consultants

If your organisation is looking for a team of fundraising consultants committed to achieving transformational results, please get in touch with one of our senior charity consultants.