Susan Lane

Finance Director

When I qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young in Birmingham, I was fresh out of university and unsure of how my career in finance would evolve. Looking back, it’s not entirely surprising that nearly 30 years of experience has lead me to Gifted - and the unique appeal of third sector consulting.

Leaving E&Y in my mid-twenties, I was excited about joining the West Midlands Development Agency as Finance Director. I’m a Midlands girl, so guiding an influential not-for-profit agency in securing economic investment for the region, was a great career move for me. Drafting bids for DTI funding and managing major grant applications to European fund holders, also paved the way for my next job with the PriceWaterhouseCoopers grant team.

More recently, my work with companies like ITNet, HP Bulmers and DHL encouraged me to reflect on the value of corporate philanthropy and the opportunities this presented. It’s interesting how many companies embark on charitable giving programmes that are well meaning, but poorly advised. This is one branch of Gifted’s work that I’m particularly keen to see develop.

I’ve learned a lot about investment over the years and I’m acutely aware of how changes in tax relief or Heritage Lottery Funding, for example, can affect the fortunes of our UK charities. I feel privileged to be working with the team here at Gifted, because I know just how much financial health and fundraising success matters to them, too.