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Celebrating Dogs with Jobs this Christmas

The Kennel Club Charitable Trust launches its 2023 festive fundraising campaign

Since we began our fundraising partnership with the Kennel Club Charitable Trust (KCCT) in 2020, there has been plenty to celebrate. But, it’s fair to say that the Trust’s 2023 Christmas Campaign, Dogs with Jobs, has got to be one of the highlights.

This year’s campaign features the canine heroes who do so much to support human lives in a multitude of ways. From medical and emotional assistance dogs to end-of-life therapy huskies, these amazing animals protect and comfort us during life’s most challenging moments.

Working in partnership with Dogs for Good, Support Dogs, Medical Detection Dogs and other small charities, the KCCT has sponsored more than 30 dogs to become specially trained companions to adults and children coping with a range of medical problems or disabilities. This makes a tangible difference to people whose lives are turned around by the skill and sensory intelligence of a four-legged friend.

“Shining a light on the dogs who work hard to make our lives easier has been a really rewarding experience,” said Gifted’s Chief Executive, Amy Stevens. “We knew that building the Christmas Campaign around Dogs with Jobs would give us lots of scope to be creative with the fundraising. The concept grabbed everyone’s imagination from the start and we’re already seeing some fantastic engagement with campaign events and the associated media coverage.”

Dogs with Jobs Exhibition

The fundraising kicked off in November with the Big Give and the opportunity to double the size of any donation to the Campaign. “This was a great way to launch the Campaign,” said Amy. “The Big Give is a seasonal favourite with donors who appreciate that doubling the money also means doubling the impact of specialist support dog training programmes. In just one week, the matched-giving push raised over £7,000 towards our £20,000 Christmas target.”

Following on from the Big Give, the Trust selected an incredible cast of Dogs with Jobs to feature in a special exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London. World renowned photographer, RANKIN, has taken shots of 14 dogs with their handlers which the public can view between 10th and 18th December. The exhibition, sponsored by George and The Caring Family Foundation, is free to enter but visitors will be invited to dig deep and support the Christmas Campaign.

It's all about engagement…

Any good fundraiser knows that even with a great story to tell, money won’t materialise unless you get your message out there. “We’ve learned that investing in the right kind of media support is essential,” said Amy. “Partnering with The Ripple Effect London has transformed the reach our campaigns have achieved and this one is no exception. Already, Dogs with Jobs has racked up over 70 separate pieces of media coverage and been seen by a TV audience of over 11 million viewers. We’re really looking forward to seeing the impact of this engagement on the fundraising and realistically expect to top last year’s figures.”

If you’d like to support the Dogs with Jobs Christmas Campaign, you can find out more and make a donation by visiting the Trust’s website.

Or, if your organisation is planning its next big fundraising campaign and you’d like an exploratory conversation with one of our Directors, get in touch.