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Physical activity and collective well-being is now on everyone’s radar, but developing programmes and facilities that deliver benefits for the long-term is something that you have to work at.

Traditionally, sports associations and clubs haven't relied on fundraising to secure the income they need to survive. Subscriptions and match fees, hospitality revenue, lettings and, for some, local low-level sponsorships have been the mainstay of their income streams. However, an increasing number of sporting organisations desperately need to modernise their facilities and there aren't many major grant-makers prepared to invest in them. Not surprisingly, major gift fundraising has become something that more and more organisations are now considering.

We work with an increasing number of sports clubs who now need to raise larger than usual sums for projects that are vital to their long-term survival. In so many ways, sports clubs are not dissimilar to schools when it comes to fundraising. They are most likely to receive support from those who have enjoyed their facilities historically or who are still active members. Yet, few sports clubs have a genuine culture of philanthropy and our work with them is designed to help them to become more focused on what they can achieve through a professional and structured approach to fundraising.

This includes everything from conducting feasibility studies, capital campaigns and legacy giving to effective strategic planning. Our team has a passion for assisting projects that encourage diverse communities to engage with the inspirational arena of sports and recreational pursuits. Whether the focus is on building a brand-new clubhouse or launching an exciting initiative to promote positive social change, our directors can help you devise a fundraising strategy with sustainable outcomes.

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Client assignments
  • British Judo Association
  • Hampton Pool Trust
  • MCC Foundation
  • Middlesex CC
  • Nene Park Trust
  • Stratford Upon Avon Rugby Club
  • Trent Rowing Club
  • Ullswater Yacht Club
  • Warwick Boat Club
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"Gaining a clear understanding of our Members’ opinions was essential to developing a fundraising strategy that could guide the future of the MCC Foundation. Gifted was able to bring a professional, independent eye to the state of play and enable us to take our next fundraising steps with confidence. We have been delighted with the progress that we have made already." 
Gerald Corbett, Former Chairman, MCC

“As a growing charity we really needed to assess where we were and create a plan to secure a financially sustainable future. Gifted’s guidance through the Feasibility Study helped us do just that focusing our minds on both our strengths and weaknesses which is enabling us to move forwards with some of our longer-term plans confident we have a clear strategy for the coming years."
Simon Thorrington Development and Partnerships Manager Seas Your Future