Konna Benson

Fundraising Consultant

I found my way into fundraising the same way everyone does - by spontaneously signing up to lead a charity climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro whilst studying for my Masters in Psychological Research Methods!

Initially, I worked for a start-up recruitment agency, learning everything about cold business development and growing income from scratch, but missing the passion for supporting worthwhile causes. So, two years later, I began my Third Sector career with the same charity I climbed Kilimanjaro for, Meningitis Research Foundation.

Having now gained experience across all areas of fundraising, I most recently joined PROPS (Supporting Adults with Learning disabilities to Achieve Their Full Potential), as their first and sole Fundraising Manager. Within 18 months, I’ve enabled the charity to do everything, from building breweries and Cafes, to rebranding and growing staff.

For me, fundraising always comes down to the ‘why’. Why do you exist? Why do your supporters fund you? Why do you want to grow, or build that project? Once you have the ‘why’, the ‘how’ is what really excites me - because with the right skills, real change can happen.

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