Communications Audits & Strategy Development

Conducting a communications audit will ensure that any new campaign materials will work hand-in-hand with your existing branding.

It's essential to map and assess the effectiveness of your current materials before looking at producing any new campaign tools. Attention is given to how the complete suite of communications materials could be used to support your fundraising strategy. This process also identifies what changes would be required to existing digital and print materials and highlights any additional tools that you may need.

We prepare a written set of findings and present these in the form of a campaign communications strategy as a final report. This incorporates recommendations on  the specific campaign design, branding and marketing elements that you may need, including online tools, together with an associated outline communications budget.

The overall aim is to help ensure that any new materials will enable a campaign to be as successful as it can be while working hand-in-hand with your existing branding.

Key elements of a Communications Audit

Conducting a Communications Audit, whatever the size or shape of your organisation, usually involves the following key components:


What will happen to the new campaign branding post-campaign?

Often post-campaign, the resulting materials can be used to develop, improve, and influence day-to-day communications adding additional value.

The key benefits

  • An audit of day-to-day materials ensures consistency and often highlights generic communication improvements.
  • Ensures new campaign materials work hand-in-hand with current branding.
  • Creates a formal communication strategy for campaign materials and online tools together with an outline communications budget.
  • Helps ensure any new materials will enable a campaign to be as successful as it can be.

Supporting campaign success

Accessing the very best communication tools to raise campaign effectiveness is essential. Our design team are specialists in the creation and implementation of campaign materials from overall campaign branding and literature to event promotion.

Online donation

Unique to Gifted is our suit of online tools. They combine a bespoke campaign microsite with donation functionality together with the option of elements such as our interactive gift calculator and real-time gift tracker which can be tailored to a specific campaign and work in harmony with a campaigns goals.