Using the very best communication tools is essential in any fundraising endeavour. As communications specialists we can create bespoke promotional materials that increase your visibility and reach, whether in print or online.

The importance of campaign materials

To promote a fundraising campaign successfully it's important to feature the benefits of a project, alongside the different ways your supporters can give. To do this as effectively as possible, the right campaign communication tools are needed. These range from a campaign logo, campaign brochure and scale of giving, to website design, social media posts, additional literature and event promotion.

Campaign logo

Establishing which elements of existing branding are to be carried through to campaign material design is key to ensuring they share branding similarities. If this is done well, your potential givers will develop a sense of trust and confidence in the brand you are creating. In some cases, the main logo may need an update or re-brand. Often the time to do this is when preparing for a campaign, as the launch of both a new main logo and campaign logo can be especially effective.

Online campaign tools

We use the very latest Adobe XD website prototype software to design and proof campaign websites, as well as to make changes to existing sites or offer guidance on new ones. Online giving can be provided by our partner company at a low monthly cost or a provider of your choice. It's important for any logo/branding to be carried across to social media in a consistent and effective way. We have built an optional bespoke gift calculator system that can allow a potential donor to see Gift Aid totals for the different tax % levels. In addition, we can provide video explainers, set to music and with optional voice over commentary. This is ideal on a website homepage and can be used to introduce a campaign, as well as shared on social media.

Offline materials

The power of physical materials has an important part to play when it comes to fundraising. We find a combination of online information together with hard copy collateral is particularly effective. This could include a brochure, gift card and scale of giving, as well as separate leaflets covering dedicated giving opportunities.

Along with a campaign brochure, many organisations choose to to produce an annual impact report which attractively sets out financial goals and fundraising success. This helps to demonstrate the benefits of a project and can encourage givers to continue their support or get involved.


To support an event, additional communication elements are needed for consistency and clarity. Key to any event is getting the attendance you need. So, it goes without saying that the first step is a well designed invitation and reply card that can be printed and posted or emailed directly. Having a matching response card to hand out to guests once at the event is also critical. Just like a campaign website, a video explainer can quickly convey a project vision, its benefits and how donors can lend their support. From bookmarks to pin badges it can be important to recognise support by way of a branded gift.

Communications audits

Conducting a communications audit will ensure that any new campaign materials will work hand-in-hand with your existing branding. Post-campaign, these materials can also be really useful in developing, improving, and influencing your day-to-day communications.

Supporting campaign success

Our partners, Firth Design, are specialists in the design, creation and implementation of campaign materials.

Key elements

The main areas of communication require a variety of promotional tools which we can design and produce starting with a campaign logo and brand identity. Much will depend on the type of campaign you are running, your target audience and what you are trying to achieve.

The key benefits

  • Develop the very best communication tools to promote your charity effectively
  • Raise awareness and help build confidence and trust amongst potential donors
  • Ensure new campaign materials work well on social media and complement your current branding
  • Help ensure consistency of branding and design use in the future with the use of brand guidelines

For further information, design examples and advice, take a look at the PDF Communications Guides on our Fundraising Resources page.

"I have had a superb experience with Leigh and his team for our school fundraising campaign. He has really taken the time to get to know our institution and create a campaign brand that matches our identity and aspirations. As well as having creative expertise, the company also delivers projects on time and to budget, with a clear plan at every step of the way. I would thoroughly recommend them"
Philip Rothwell, Foundation Director of Development Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

"We commissioned a logo and branding identity for our capital fundraising campaign. From the initial concepts to proofing and final artwork we are delighted with the results. Each of the three logo concepts were presented over Zoom which the team found extremely helpful and seeing the logo across different formats helped us see the full branding opportunity of each and how they could be used. Our brief was answered perfectly, in fact it was hard to choose between them which to take forward. What made the exercise complete was the delivery of a full brand guide as part of the project which I highly recommend."
Steve Hasler, Trustee and Build Lead Saffron Walden Almshouses

"We enjoy an excellent Client/Creative relationship, with an understanding of the very special requirements of a Cathedral, all reflected in the original yet sympathetic approach to our re-branding of Cathedral Isle of Man. We now have a suite of literature co-ordinating with the website, ranging from outdoor posters to service books, visitor experience leaflets etc., which combines strong images with clean, modern lines yet retaining a Celtic influence. Always quick to respond to both large and small projects and no query is ever too trivial - always willing to "go the extra mile" in order to get the desired result, giving superior customer service and taking a real pride in their work."
Judith Ley Cathedral Isle of Man

Further information

Client assignments
  • Beds & Herts Historic Churches Trust
  • Cathedral Isle of Man
  • Great St Bartholomew, London
  • Kenilworth School, Warwickshire
  • Omè€re Foundation, Dubai
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • RCDSC Nepal
  • Saffron Walden Almshouses
  • Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)
  • St Mary's Church, Warwick
  • St Paul's Knightsbridge
  • The Air Ambulance, Warwickshire
  • The Kennel Club Charitable Trust
  • Treetops Hospice Care
  • Warwick Independent Schools Foundation
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