A Gifted partnership starts with some attentive listening - so our first step is to find out about you and your fundraising story.


Feasability Studies

"We have a project that we need to fund as soon as possible. How do we know what's achievable?"

Feasability Studies


Campaign Management

"Having tested the feasibility of our plans, how do we now implement them as efficiently as possible to raise the funds we need?"

Campaign Management

Fundraising Strategy Reviews & Development Audits

Fundraising Strategy Reviews

"What’s the most appropriate focus for our fundraising efforts over the next few years - and do we have everything in place to achieve our goals?"

Fundraising Strategy Reviews


Development Audits

"Our in-house team needs occasional guidance and support. How can we access the best advice when we need it?"

Periodic Consulting


Development Audits

"How do we set up a sustainable programme with the capacity to transform the future of our organisation?"



Development Audits

"How do I ensure any new campaign tools will work with current branding and boost the success of our fundraising programme?"

Communications Audits

Our areas of work

The basics of a successful fundraising campaign are consistent across every charitable sector, particularly when seeking to attract major gifts.

We apply these fundamental principles to all clients, from places of worship to places of recreation; from centres of learning to centres of medical excellence and advancement; and from national charities with an international remit to local organisations who make a difference within their own communities.

The key benefits of a Gifted Partnership

  • Gives you the guidance you need to generate more income.
  • Improves resilience and flexibility in the face of organisational change.
  • Helps to identify the best ways to develop new programmes or expand existing activities.
  • Strengthens your competitive advantage.

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Riverside School prepares to realise its vision for a brand new Performing Arts Centre on the north bank of the the River Thames.

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