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Creating innovative and successful programmes that transform donations into meaningful gifts


A Gifted partnership starts with getting to know you and your fundraising story

As fundraising consultants, we are here to give you all the support you need. Our team share decades of experience in helping Third Sector organisations to achieve their fundraising goals; from guiding smaller charities through the feasibility stages of a project, to directing multi-million-pound capital campaigns and supporting innovative best practice across the profession.

So, whether you’re looking to launch a new charity, build much-needed facilities or enhance the programmes you already deliver, why not find out more about the services we offer.


"We have a project that we need to fund as soon as possible. How do we know what's achievable?"

Feasability Studies


"Having tested the feasibility of our plans, how do we now implement them as efficiently as possible to raise the funds we need?"

Campaign Management

Fundraising Strategy Reviews & Development Audits

"What’s the most appropriate focus for our fundraising efforts over the next few years - and do we have everything in place to achieve our goals?"

Fundraising Strategy Reviews


"Our in-house team needs occasional guidance and support. How can we access the best advice when we need it?"

Periodic Consulting


"How do we set up a sustainable legacy programme with the capacity to transform the future of our organisation?"



"How do I ensure any new campaign tools will work with current branding and boost the success of our fundraising programme?"

Communications Audits

Our areas of work

The basics of a successful fundraising campaign are consistent across every charitable sector, especially when it comes to attracting major gifts.

Case Studies

Discover the impact of fundraising consultancy

Key benefits of a Gifted Partnership

  • Giving you the guidance and skills you need to improve income generation
  • Helping you to develop new fundraising programmes or expand existing activities
  • Improving your charity's resilience and flexibility to adapt and thrive in changing markets
  • Strengthening your team so that you can meet fundraising targets head on

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