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Kenilworth School and Sixth Form celebrate success

The Extra Campaign reaches a staggering £1.86m

As the new academic year kicked off, staff and students at Kenilworth School and Sixth Form were celebrating more than successful examination results. After years of planning, construction and record-breaking fundraising, the local community came together to mark the opening of a new £48m facility that promises to innovate teaching and learning across the curriculum.

The Extra Campaign

“After testing the feasibility of raising as much as £1m for extra facilities, equipment and resources at the new school, it was clear that the fundraising target should be higher,” said Gifted’s Andrew Day. “Initial research highlighted a groundswell of local support for the project and we knew that there were potential major givers just waiting to be asked. The School also appreciated that in launching a capital campaign, it would have an opportunity to develop its fundraising activities and establish a committed community of new donors.”

The fundraising campaign that followed was entirely focused on securing philanthropic gifts, of all sizes, that would pay for an impressive suite of ‘extras’ as part of the new build. From top of the range bleacher seating, to bike racks and sports equipment, the Extra Campaign has given donors an exciting opportunity to be part of shaping the next phase of the School’s development.

“The show of support from parents, local businesses and grant makers has been incredible,” said Campaign Manager, Sarah-Taylor Watts. “Given that the School began this project with no capital fundraising experience or established donor-base, the results have been extraordinary. The fundraising total has now reached a staggering £1.86m and the gifts are still flowing in.”

Sticking with a methodology that works

Too often in schools’ fundraising, there is a perception that capital campaigns belong firmly in the Independent sector. Only when there is a solid history of philanthropic giving and an established community of donors, usually spanning generations, is it likely that a campaign will reach its target. Kenilworth’s Extra Campaign has completely disrupted this narrative, demonstrating that a face-to-face approach to fundraising that raises people’s sights and offers strong recognition, is just at home in a state school context.

Reflecting on the success of the Campaign, Headteacher, Hayden Abbot said, ”As we are now at the end of the contract with Gifted Philanthropy, I would like to express my gratitude to you for everything you have done to help us achieve and exceed our original fundraising goal. To raise over £1.86 million has been a phenomenal success. It has been a pleasure to work with you and your team”.