Andrew Day CFRE

Chief Executive

Keeping our sights on philanthropy

Whatever business you’re in, I believe that if you lose sight of the core values you started with, you invariably lose your way. An unhealthy focus on the fruits of increased revenue streams, at the expense of real investment in the people and partnerships that keep you thriving, is an all too common trend. It’s why I’m so keen to make sure that the future we build at Gifted is grounded in our reason for being – philanthropy.

A culture based on empathy and experience

If we believe in the importance of philanthropic giving, as a company we must be about more than just creating a transactional relationship with our clients. We need to start with a clear understanding of what is motivating volunteer leaders to fundraise. To do this, the team at Gifted foster a personal history of philanthropy by actively giving time and money to the projects or programmes they care about. In my own career, this has inspired friendships with some remarkable individuals in my local community and longstanding volunteer relationships with a number of different charities.

Simply put, being a good partner to not-for-profit leaders and volunteers means appreciating the journey they’re on and understanding the challenges they face.

Building great client partnerships

After three decades of fundraising for a wide variety of organisations, I’ve found that having a personal insight into what it means to be a volunteer leader, has strengthened the client relationships I’ve been involved in. Knowing what it means to give and what’s at stake when you invite others to share your enthusiasm for a project, has helped me to direct transformational fundraising programmes in the UK and overseas.

When I started out all those years ago, I had a sense of how important major gifts fundraising was to building financial health and long term organisational resilience. I still believe that to be the case. But I also realise that you don’t have to make a major gift to be a philanthropist – that is a privilege available to any who are prepared to master their wealth, whatever size it may be, and direct it for the greater good.

Whilst the competition for gifts may seem fiercer and campaign metrics more complex, the principles of successful fundraising remain the same. My experience with clients as diverse as the Sydney Children’s Hospital, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Gordonstoun School and Peterborough Cathedral, has taught me that campaigns only win when fundraising is personal and gimmicks are put to one side. Philanthropy is inherently person-centred; it flourishes when people are encouraged to give to other people, rather than causes. As we plan for the future at Gifted, this is one truth that will continue to sit right at the heart of the way we do business.

"Andrew is an outstanding, committed, fundraising professional. He combines excellent personal skills with exceptional strategic insight, always applying his wealth of experience appropriately to a client’s market and ambitions. Critically, Andrew does not compromise on sound professional fundraising counsel."
Peter Dalton CFRE FFIA, former Director of Fundraising, Addenbrooke’s Hospital Charitable Trust

"CFRE International thanks Andrew Day for his long commitment to supporting fundraising professionalism through certification and wishes him well as he begins leadership of Gifted Philanthropy Ltd."
Eva Aldrich, President and CEO

Contact details

To arrange a no-obligation discussion of your fundraising needs, contact or call Leamington Spa 01926 674137

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Andrew Day



Arts, Culture & Heritage

  • Black Country Living Museum, Dudley
  • Dr Johnson’s House, London
  • Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick
  • Regent on Broadway, Palmerston North
  • Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  • Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
  • The Bach Choir
  • Young Vic Theatre, London

Cathedrals & Churches

  • Blackburn Cathedral
  • Canterbury Cathedral Trust
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin
  • Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver
  • Christ Church Cathedral, New Zealand
  • Ely Cathedral
  • Guildford Cathedral
  • Holy Trinity Cathedral, Auckland
  • Lichfield Cathedral
  • Peterborough Cathedral
  • St Albans Cathedral
  • St John’s Cathedral, Brisbane
  • St Mary’s Cathedral, Limerick
  • Worcester Cathedral
  • Chapel Royal, Hampton Court
  • Holy Trinity, Sutton Coldfield
  • St George’s, Mayfair
  • St John’s, Notting Hill
  • St Paul’s, Knightsbridge

Community & Civic

  • British Library
  • Centre for Social Justice
  • Clean-up Australia, Sydney
  • Countryside Alliance
  • English Heritage
  • Gandhi Statue Memorial Trust, London
  • Goldsmiths’ Company, City of London
  • Landcare Australia
  • National Trust of Australia
  • Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation
  • Santa Barbara Maritime Museum, California
  • Severn Valley Railway, Kidderminster
  • Taxpayers’ Alliance
  • Western Development Museum, Saskatchewan

Education & Youth

  • Brambletye School, East Grinstead
  • British School at Rome
  • Edinburgh Business School
  • Elstree Preparatory School, Woolhampton
  • Gordonstoun Schools, Scotland
  • Griffith University, Brisbane
  • Heathfield School, Ascot
  • Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh
  • Horris Hill Preparatory School, Newbury
  • Kenilworth School, Warwickshire
  • King’s School, Canterbury
  • King’s School, Ely
  • King’s School, Tynemouth
  • Napier University, Edinburgh
  • Pretoria Technicon, South Africa
  • St Mary’s, Calne
  • The Southport School, Gold Coast
  • Warwick Independent Schools Foundation
  • Wimbledon High School
  • Whitgift Foundation Schools
  • University of Canterbury, New Zealand
  • University of St Andrews
  • University of Sunderland

Health & Welfare

  • Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust, Cambridge
  • ‘Bear Cottage’ Children’s Hospice, Sydney
  • Colchester Hospital
  • Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation
  • Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance
  • Kent, Surrey, Sussex Air Ambulance
  • Lister Hospital, Stevenage
  • Rosie Hospital, Cambridge
  • Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney
  • Royal College of Physicians, London
  • The Air Ambulance, Warwickshire
  • Treetops Hospice Care, Derby
  • Myton Hospice, Warwick
  • Westmead Children’s Hospital, Sydney

Sports & Recreation

  • The Marylebone Cricket Club Foundation
  • Stratford Rugby club