A Gifted partnership starts with some attentive listening - so our first step is to find out about you and your fundraising story. 

What you can also expect is a readiness to develop a fundraising strategy that is the most effective for your needs, and not one previously designed for some other organisation who looks a bit like you.

Gifted Philanthropy is one of the most respected fundraising consultancies in the UK. Our Directors have proven track records of working in successful partnerships with charities and not-for-profits across the UK. We provide timely and succinct advice on the protocol of making major gift approaches and developing six and seven figure National Lottery Heritage Fund bids, as well as the detailed planning of capital fundraising campaigns.

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Feasibility Studies

"We have a project that we need to fund as soon as possible.  How do we know what’s achievable?”

The Study is the best place to begin. It’s a qualitative process that assesses the readiness of your project for fundraising, identifies sources of funding and clarifies the volunteer leadership needed to move your plans forward. Conducted by one of our Directors and a team of researchers, the Study will establish where the money is and how best to secure it. It also enables you to make refinements to your case for support so that it’s attractive and relevant to major givers and the wider community.

Campaign Management

“Having tested the feasibility of our plans, how do we now implement them as efficiently as possible to raise the funds we need?”

Volunteer-led, person-to-person capital campaigns for a specific project or programme are designed to raise as much money as possible, as quickly as possible from (initially) the fewest number of prospects.

These campaigns demand detailed planning, the design of an attractive and urgent ‘Case’, clear prospect identification and the enlistment of influential, volunteer leaders to give and get gifts at the levels needed to achieve the target.

Working alongside your fundraising staff, delivering a major-gift or capital campaign usually involves the on-site placement of one or more of our experienced campaign managers.

If you’d like to talk about your organisation’s needs, please don’t hesitate to contact one of Our Directors for an informal discussion.

Strategy Reviews & Development Audits

“What’s the most appropriate focus for our fundraising efforts over the next few years - and do we have everything in place to achieve our goals?”

The Review can help you understand what your emerging challenges and opportunities are, making it easier for you to plan how you are going to address them. Our Directors will work with you to develop a coherent strategy and deliver of an actionable fundraising plan.

The Development Audit takes a disciplined approach to assessing your existing fundraising performance.  The process tests the efficacy of your income generation techniques to build and enhance donor relationships.  It also thoroughly scrutinises your established processes to strengthen and maintain the trust of donors. Our Directors lead a professional team that can conduct an intensive, one-day audit of a particular funding stream through to a more comprehensive audit of a complete fundraising and development plan.

Periodic Consulting

“Our in-house team needs occasional guidance and support. How can we access the best advice when we need it?”

However experienced and knowledgeable your fundraising team is, there will be occasions when they could benefit from advice and guidance to supplement their own skills. Gifted’s Directors and Consultants can provide the required expertise on an ad-hoc basis, as and when you need it most. Whether you’re wanting to get one aspect of your fundraising programme back on track or you require expert support to fulfil a particular fundraising ambition, Gifted can tailor a bespoke package of periodic consultancy designed to help your achieve your fundraising goals.


"How do we set up a sustainable programme with the capacity to transform the future of our organisation?"

Designing an appropriate legacy giving programme can provide the sort of financial security you never thought possible. With the right guidance and support, you can be confident that your givers feel comfortable and at peace with their ‘final gift’. You’ll also have the tools you need to implement a robust stewardship programme that will forge the strongest of relationships with your supporters.

Communications Audits

“How do I ensure any new campaign tools will work with current branding and boost the success of our fundraising programme?”

Conducting a communication audit will ensure that any new campaign materials will work hand-in-hand with your existing branding. It will also provide a communication strategy with recommendations on any bespoke campaign design, branding and marketing requirements that would be needed, including online tools and an associated outline communications budget.