Are you making the most of major giving?

The Giving List, published by the Sunday Times and CAF illustrates the power of philanthropy in the UK’s Third Sector. Last year, for the first time in the 20-year history of the list, charitable donations from some of the nation’s biggest givers surpassed £4 billion. This represents a 36.1 per cent rise on the £3.164 billion given in the previous year - and suggests that the pandemic may have stoked rather than stalled people’s inclination to give generously.

What we’ve noticed

As consultants, we’ve witnessed this trend not just in the health sector, where givers have been keen to support charities dealing with the immediate effects of Covid-19, but increasingly, across arts, heritage, education, faith-based, civic organisations and animal charities. In almost every case, major gifts have been secured when the case for support was strong and compelling. More than ever, we’ve seen people really be moved about the causes they care about. A reminder that when a charity’s vision is communicated openly and directly, there is no reason why major gifts can’t be achieved.

Success also depends on the asking itself being done well: “Considered preparation and clear, confident asking are fundamental to securing major gifts that make all the difference to a charity’s impact,” says Gifted’s Chief Executive, Amy Stevens. “We know that when the planning is right, approaches to prospective major givers are not just more successful, but more enjoyable as well. It’s where a charity’s vision comes to life and often where long-lasting relationships are formed.”

Try some Gifted Asking

To encourage charities to put their best foot forward when approaching potential major givers, last year we published Gifted Asking, a concise, updated guide to attracting transformational philanthropic funding. To request a complimentary copy, drop us a line at

Or, if you’d like further help with a major giving programme or capital campaign, why not contact us and ask for an exploratory, no-obligations conversation with one of our Directors.

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