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Bringing hope to communities in rural Nepal

The RCDSC addresses the impact of social inequalities and natural disasters in rural Nepal.

The Rural Community Development Service Council (RCDSC) was founded to address the impact of social inequalities and the effects of natural disasters in
rural Nepal. The organisation runs projects that tackle everything from violence against women, to poor sanitation and flood disaster prevention. Unfortunately, due to a hiatus during the pandemic, funding for its vital activities has struggled to meet the growing demand.

Rebuilding partnerships

Gifted has been engaged to develop a more compelling case for support that will appeal to philanthropic investors and other global funders. The aim is to rebuild partnerships that were affected by the pandemic and to guide RCDSC’s leadership board in creating new relationships with potential donors. “This is a grass roots organisation that understands the importance of social justice, climate action and local health projects in the region,” said Amy Stevens. “Our role is to help communicate RCDSC’s charitable vision in a way that makes other NGO’s and international funders want to be part of the incredible initiatives they are delivering.”