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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Located right at the centre of a bustling city, Christ Church Cathedral is loved by many as the spiritual heart of Dublin.


The Cathedral’s mission focuses on transcending boundaries, by welcoming those of all faiths and none to regular worship, civic occasions and cultural events. Its appeal, as a solid presence in a changing Ireland, is also growing - with visitor numbers increasing from 174,000 in 2015, to 270,000 in 2018.

In 2030, both Christ Church and the City of Dublin will jointly celebrate 1,000 years of shared history. The Cathedral, which is also custodian of the ancient and sacred heart of Dublin’s Patron Saint, Laurence O’Toole, plans to mark the anniversary by setting up a €10m Millennium Fund. Achieving this goal, will make it possible to protect the building’s fabric for the next generation and secure a more resilient future for the Cathedral’s internationally recognised Choir. The Millennium Fund will also help to foster cultural partnerships that bring the treasures and traditions of Christ Church to new audiences.

‘The stone-encased heart of St Laurence is a potent symbol of the enduring ministry at Christ Church,’ says Andrew Day. ‘The Saint was well known for reaching out to the poor and the vulnerable - and for building a community based on service and compassion. It’s a joy to be working with the Cathedral as it takes these values into a new millennium and continues to serve such a vibrant, well-loved city.’

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