The MCC Foundation

Working for the good of the game

Owner of cricket’s most iconic stadium, Lord’s, and the custodian of the game’s Laws, Marylebone Cricket Club’s mission is to be ‘the finest cricket club in the world, working for the good of the game’. It’s a noble aim with historic roots that go back to the club’s beginnings in 1789. Since then, MCC has been at the forefront of promoting cricket around the world and safeguarding its spirit of great sportsmanship.

In keeping with the club’s vision, its charitable foundation was set up to encourage the playing of cricket both at home and overseas. Its ambition is to inspire sporting excellence, as well as to develop young people’s self-esteem and resilience. Working with players from diverse backgrounds, cultures and countries, the Foundation is uniquely placed to represent the club’s interest in spreading the joy of cricket.

Planning for the future

In 2011, the Cricket Hub initiative was launched, which now supports 41 regional centres and provides professional coaching to talented athletes from state secondary schools. The Foundation is also committed to strengthening the work of MCC abroad and building exciting partnerships with charities in countries as far afield as, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and Rwanda. Improving the reach of these inspirational programmes, will require a team of dedicated coaches, enthusiastic volunteer leaders and on-going philanthropic investment. It will also demand careful planning and strategic fundraising that aims to build a sustainable future for the Foundation and its beneficiaries.

The value of a Fundraising Review

To help the Foundation fulfil its undoubted potential, primarily as a fundraising organisation, MCC commissioned Gifted to conduct a full review of the its activities. The Review findings will form the basis of a five-year fundraising strategy, to ensure that the Foundation can deliver the philanthropic income required to fund its ground-breaking initiatives.

The Review marks an important moment for the organisation and provides an opportunity to take stock before making critical decisions about the next big steps. As the cricket world continues to explore new boundaries, involve more people and provide life-changing experiences, the Foundation has an opportunity to play an increasingly significant role in looking after the game’s future. Having gauged Members’ interests through one-to-one personal interviews and an online survey, we’ve been able to gather the views of more than 300 people. We hope to use our report, which is now being considered by MCC and the Foundation, to form the basis of a far-reaching fundraising strategy. One that will secure more consistent philanthropic support for the most famous of all cricket club’s charitable arm.

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