Creating an exceptional fundraising partnership

Our partnership begins with an understanding of your current fundraising position by way of systematically addressing a series of key questions:

  1. Through methodical data analysis and comparative review, we help you objectively understand: “Where you are now?”, “What are others doing?”, “Where do you want to be?”
  2. We then work with you to test the fundraising resources you will need to raise major gifts, through a qualitative process that answers “Where is the money”, and “What influential volunteer leadership is available to help you get it?”
  3. An evaluation of these answers enables us to address the pivotal question, “Where are you going?” The Fundraising Strategy that can follow, includes outline income and expenditure projections, details of key audiences, timeframes, an assessment of risks, etc.
  4. Once your leadership group has reviewed and properly understood these findings, this work is condensed into an actionable Plan which sets-out “How you will get there?”
  5. If required, we can then provide the experienced professional team needed to deliver the results on a stand-alone basis or in support of your in-house fundraisers, whichever will be the most cost effective solution.

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