Join us for some Gifted Asking

In these free webinars Amy Stevens, Chris Goldie and Andrew Day share some timely advice from our new book, Gifted Asking.

In November, our Directors and co-authors of our new book, Gifted Asking will be hosting two online sessions aimed at finding, asking and stewarding your major givers.

In just under 70 pages, Gifted Asking sets out a framework for discovering who your prospects are and how to approach them in a way that guarantees the best chance of success. From understanding someone's philanthropic motivations, to cultivating relationships and learning how to ask with confidence, in these free webinars Amy Stevens, Chris Goldie and Andrew Day walk you through each chapter and share their advice on asking for money in a post-Covid setting.

Webinar 1| Getting ready to ask - 9 November, 2.00-3.00pm

In this session, we'll explore the reasons why people give and how this can influence your prospect research and donor cultivation. The discussion will also consider Covid’s impact on how we plan and prepare to successfully ask for major gifts. Register here

Webinar 2 | Asking well - 17 November, 2.00-3.00pm

Our second session will focus on the fundamentals of successful asking. Using client examples from different sectors, Amy, Chris and Andrew will help you to build the confidence and clarity that’s needed to secure those transformative major gifts. They will also touch on the importance of stewardship and suggest some creative ways of keeping your givers engaged. Register here

Everyone who joins us will receive a complementary copy of Gifted Asking, normally priced at £9.99.