Keeping our heads together | IDPE Live

Invited To Take Part In IDPE Live

We were delighted to be invited to take part in IDPE Live, with Director, Chris Goldie.

One of the most important truths emerging from the experience of recent months, is that we are steadier, stronger and arguably saner when we’re able to rely on the support of colleagues and business partners. Having access to well-planned, relevant and collaborative initiatives has been vital to keeping our heads together, learning from each other and finding the confidence we need to take the next steps.

Last month’s IDPE Live event was a fantastic example of well-organised and energetic partnerships in action. Aimed at supporting schools in tackling the very specific development challenges they face, the 28 Live sessions looked at everything from how to network in a virtual world, to benchmarking and keeping your community engaged. Recordings of all the sessions are now available to watch online and are free to IDPE members.

Showcasing the best in schools development expertise

As an IDPE corporate partner, Gifted’s Directors have been regular contributors and speakers at IDPE events across the country. We were delighted to be invited to take part in IDPE Live, with Director, Chris Goldie, featuring in a dedicated session on State schools: achieving sustainability in uncertain times.

Chris also drew on Gifted’s experience across the Third Sector in a Showcase presentation that shared the benefits of seeking fundraising inspiration outside the boundaries of Education.

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If your school is facing its next development challenge, or you’d like some support in reviewing your post Covid-19 fundraising strategy, get in touch with one of our Directors or contact [email protected].