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Lord Leycester Hospital awarded £1.4m National Lottery Heritage Fund grant

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This month, marks a time to reflect on the sacrifices of previous generations in the two World Wars of the 20thCentury. We are absolutely delighted that the Lord Leycester Hospital in Warwick - an institution that has housed and cared for retired and wounded veterans for 450 years - has now secured the funding needed to restore its ancient buildings and present its unique history through modern, engaging exhibitions and interpretation.

The road to success

Gifted began working with the Lord Leycester in May 2017, not long after the arrival of the Master, Dr Heidi Meyer. We guided the charity through the early stages of an application to the National Lottery Heritage Fund and delivered a fundraising feasibility study and action plan designed to prepare the Lord Leycester for the challenges ahead. Once the Lord Leycester had received NLHF First Round approval in 2019, we were re-engaged to produce a robust partnership funding strategy and then to oversee and co-ordinate the fundraising campaign.

Despite the restrictions of the Covid pandemic, just four months into the campaign, we have worked with the Lord Leycester to secure the partnership funding needed – more than £1,000,000 – to meet NLHF requirements and ensure that the NLHF felt able to make an award of £1,420,000, a grant announced publicly on Armistice Day.

Gifted’s Director Chris Goldie says, “From day one, we have believed in the potential of the Lord Leycester to attract both Heritage Fund and philanthropic support and we are absolutely thrilled that the Master and her colleagues have now secured the funding required. The Lord Leycester is unique in so many ways - a medieval gem in the heart of Warwick; a rich history that dates back over 900 years, serving the town of Warwick; and, above all 450 years of continuous support for hundreds of military veterans. It fully deserves this fundraising success and we are proud to have been able to guide the Master and the Governors through its fundraising challenges over the last four and a half years”.

You can read more about the project and the impact of the NLHF award here.

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