Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral is one of the greatest Norman churches in England, a national treasure and a monument of international significance. Within this majestic building and the collection of properties that make up its Precincts, those of all faiths and none are welcomed and encouraged to find a sense of belonging.

For some, the touch-points include the Cathedral’s breath-taking architecture and the enduring message of continuity it embodies. For others, connection comes through worship, music, learning and the opportunity to be of service to others. Whilst combatting Covid-19 presents its own set of challenges in each of these areas, the Cathedral is committed to carrying its traditions forward, reinvigorating and reinterpreting them for a new generation.

A history of giving

Historically, the Cathedral has been blessed with an extraordinary level of philanthropic support. Over the years, tens of millions of pounds have been raised to conserve the fabric of the building and strengthen its religious, cultural and educational activity. Gifted’s Directors, Amy Stevens and Andrew Day have enjoyed close professional relationships with the Cathedral for nearly two decades and are delighted to have been engaged to help develop the fundraising strategy for the Touching History project. “It means a lot to us to have been invited back to Peterborough,” says Andrew Day, “and it’s really inspiring to see the Cathedral, especially in the current climate, taking positive steps and using its resources to plan for a sustainable future.”

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