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Riverside School

Riverside School's New Performing Arts Centre

Riverside School prepares to realise its vision for a brand new Performing Arts Centre on the north bank of the River Thames.


The Riverside Performing Arts Centre
Riverside Campus was opened in 2013 and is home to three schools - Riverside School a secondary school with currently 1300 students and the capacity for 1800, Riverside Primary and Riverside Bridge School dedicated to students with special needs. All three schools are very highly rated and serve one of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities.

Around the Riverside Campus, on the north bank of the River Thames and just 9 miles east of the City of London, a new town is emerging – Barking Riverside - which will one day have 10,800 homes, served by a London Overground Station and River Buses. The town will benefit from a community-led infrastructure, 21 hectares of open space and sports pitches and a network of footpaths and cycleways. It will also be London’s only NHS Healthy Town and, with investment of £500m, is one of the largest regeneration projects in the United Kingdom.

A state-of-the-art theatre complex
This is an exciting and ambitious project but one key facility is missing – there is presently no provision for a space dedicated to the arts and culture. This is why Riverside School has resolved to deliver the Riverside Performing Arts Centre on an accessible site on the Riverside Campus.

Gifted has been appointed to undertake a strategic fundraising review for the project which will not only become a centre for the school’s own successful creative arts programme, but will also provide future students and residents with a state-of-the-art theatre and community facility. ‘We’re delighted to be supporting these innovative and inclusive plans for Riverside,’ says Gifted Director, Chris Goldie. ‘With its 350-seat auditorium, outdoor amphitheatre and rehearsal spaces the new Performing Arts Centre will be a fantastic asset for everyone in the town.’

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