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Schools stepping up to the fundraising challenge

Historic Month For Warwick Schools

September marks a historic month for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

September marks a historic month for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation. Its family of schools have come together on a single, outstanding campus - and as staff, pupils and parents embrace the benefits of first-class facilities and greater collaboration, there’s plenty to celebrate.

Capturing this appetite for aspiration and achievement is the Foundation’s One Campus Plus fundraising campaign. Presenting a vision for transforming its schools into the very best they can be, the campaign clearly demonstrates the impact of philanthropic giving on empowering the lives of young people and energising the local community.

‘You can tap into the buzz around One Campus Plus by taking a look at the campaign’s fantastic website which features a bespoke interactive gift calculator,’ said Gifted’s Andrew Day. ‘It’s an absolute joy to be working with the Foundation at such an exciting time in its history. There’s a tangible sense of something quite extraordinary taking place within both the physical space and the emotional heart of the community; something that urges you to be part of it.’

Gearing up for celebrations at Dr Challoner’s

We’re also delighted to be advising Dr Challoner’s Grammar School in Amersham as it develops its vision for 2024 when the school celebrates its 400th anniversary. Gifted has been invited to conduct a feasibility study to assess the potential of raising funds towards capital developments that will boost the school’s academic provision and significantly enhance its communal spaces.

Gifted’s Chris Goldie is leading the study and believes Dr Challoner’s has a timely opportunity to focus hearts and minds on the next set of development priorities. ‘With its special anniversary only five years away, the School is right to involve parents, friends and benefactors in shaping its plans for the future. The study process provides the perfect opportunity to clarify the direction of travel and understand the landscape of support.’

Building relationships that last

The role of the feasibility study in forming, nurturing and strengthening relationships with givers is also a subject that we’ll be exploring in a workshop being jointly hosted with our partners at IDPE this November. We are looking forward to delivering a full day of sessions explaining how relationships underpin everything from your fundraising mix to feeling confident about asking for money. For more details about the workshop programme and how you can sign up, go to IDPE’s event page