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Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)

Accelerating Innovation, Research, & Education

For almost 140 years, the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) has been focused on accelerating chemistry-related innovation into industry for the benefit of society as a whole. Working at the interface between academia and industry, SCI promotes scientifically robust solutions that have the capacity to improve the way people live and work across the UK and around the world.

Through collaborative effort and the shared commitment of an extensive interest group made up of international partners, the Charity also has a significant impact on the education and career progression of tomorrow’s leading scientists and innovators.

A multi-disciplinary approach to solving global issues

Whilst chemistry remains at SCI’s core, its goal is to ignite the space were multi-disciplinary science sparks the imaginations of business, financial and technical partners. In bringing together experts from different scientific fields, the Charity helps to find science-based solutions to major issues such as climate change, feeding an increasing population, developing new energy models and striving towards better health for all.

Working within social distancing guidelines, Gifted has begun a feasibility study to test a multi- million-pound funding plan that will also recognise the next generation of scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs, as well as establish a heritage museum at its Belgrave Square site in central London.

‘This is a unique opportunity to support an organisation working across and beyond borders,’ says Gifted director, Chris Goldie. ‘SCI’s vision is both creative and persuasive, given the urgency and scale of the issues the Charity and its international partners are working to address.’

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