Supporting churches in their fundraising challenges

Gifted, Ecclesiastical Insurance, & Directory For Social Change Team Up

In June we teamed up with Ecclesiastical Insurance and the Directory for Social Change

In June, we teamed up with Ecclesiastical Insurance and the Directory for Social Change, to share our combined experience on fundraising for churches and cathedrals. The webinar, which you can now watch here, was attended by representatives from around 200 churches across the country and focused on how to take a capital project from inception through to completion. Beginning by securing those all-important permissions, to undertaking a feasibility study and running an effective fundraising campaign, Gifted’s Chief Executive, Amy Stevens and Director of Achieve Consultants, Gill Jolly, tackled the development journey from start to finish.

“It was really good to learn about some of the exciting projects that churches are embarking on,” says Amy. “Those with the greatest chance of success are nearly always shaped by meaningful community consultation and can show that they are answering a genuine need. For example, if you want to install new kitchen or toilet amenities for a congregation of 8, it’s highly unlikely someone is going to award you a grant unless others stand to benefit from the facilities as well.”

Alongside advice on project planning and preparation, the session also covered what to remember when you’re at the stage of asking people for money. “We wanted to be clear about how to ask confidently and respectfully,” says Amy. “It can sometimes be daunting to share your enthusiasm for a project and invite others to join you in making a gift. We worry about upsetting people or saying the wrong thing. In reality, most people are just waiting to be asked and would probably feel offended if we didn’t seek their support.”

So, if your church has a capital project on the horizon or you’d like funding to help make your building more sustainable, you can either watch now or get in touch with us at