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The Almshouse Association

Helping To Build A Sense Of Belonging

For more than 1000 years, almshouses have been a part of our national identity. Originally established to care for the poor and the sick, today they form a unique collection of affordable dwellings, often located in heritage buildings that lie right at the heart of our towns and villages. They can be a home for life or a safety net for younger residents who find themselves in temporary financial hardship. They also offer lonely, often vulnerable individuals the chance to live independently whilst still being part of a distinct and caring community.

The Almshouse Association supports these historic organisations in providing residents with not just the comfort of a roof over their heads, but the peace of mind that comes with finding a place of sanctuary and a sense of belonging. Since the Association was born 75 years ago, it now represents and serves more than 1,600 member charities, most of them run by local trustees who work hard to make the almshouse movement such a vibrant and extraordinary force for good within society.

The Association’s vision is for almshouses to become an integral part of the affordable housing solution at the highest levels of national and local government. As it looks to the future, its trustees have engaged Gifted to develop a robust fundraising strategy that will enable them to significantly strengthen the Association’s income streams and generate as much as £1 million a year

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