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The University of Hull

Shining the light of learning on the next 100 years

In 2027, the University of Hull celebrates its Centenary. This special anniversary presents a timely opportunity to reflect on what’s been achieved and plan for what comes next.

Founded to serve as a ‘centre of light and culture’ for Hull, the University’s motto, Lampada Ferens, has always captured its mission perfectly. Translated as ‘carrying the light of learning’, it defines Hull’s leading role in the educational, social, economic and cultural development of a unique city and region.

The transformational touch of philanthropy

Originally affiliated to the University of London, University College Hull was founded with the support of local benefactors and the City Council. Thomas Ferens, an industrialist and MP, notably donated the institution’s 18-acre site, along with a landmark gift of £250,000, equating to almost £20m in today’s money. His transformational touch, or rather powerful punch of philanthropy was recognised when he became the College’s first president in 1829 and the pun on his name was adopted into the University’s motto.

As one of the original light-bearers, Ferens paved the way for future visionaries to secure the gifts and grant-funding that were needed to establish Hull’s place as a pioneering and increasingly popular University. Now, with an expanded campus, an international reputation and more than 16,000 students, it is widely recognised as a beacon of learning and research in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Centenary projects

Hull has a proud heritage of academic excellence and a history of inspiring life-changing research. Its forthcoming anniversary is an opportunity to build on these achievements by bringing imagination, innovation and intellectual rigour to a number of exciting development projects. Aligning with the University’s Strategy 2030, each one focuses on the key themes of people, place and partnerships which resonate with the core values of inclusion, empowerment and a progressive approach to learning.

“We are absolutely delighted to be assisting Hull with the feasibility stage of its current fundraising journey,” says Andrew Day. “The University has philanthropy running deep in its DNA and the Centenary celebrations offer a wonderful opportunity for new givers to sit alongside those original founding benefactors.”