Time for a fundraising health check?

COVID-19 Challenges For Third Sector

The ongoing issues around COVID-19 have brought myriad challenges for Third Sector charities.

The on-going issues around Covid-19 have brought myriad challenges for Third Sector charities. Whether you’re an Arts organisation forced with closure and an unprecedented drop in income, or a health charity buoyed by public support, but unsure of what happens next - you’re most likely feeling uncertain about your future fundraising strategy.


If so, our Recovery Audit or even a more comprehensive Strategy Review, could be exactly what you need to evaluate the impact of the pandemic on your fundraising performance and identify robust, pragmatic solutions to the challenges you face.

What is a Recovery Audit?

This is a tailored service involving a short, focused piece of research and a targeted fundraising review. It looks at your fundraising mix (regular giving, trusts & foundations, legacies etc.), staff resource, income & expenditure profile, as well as any major campaigns that you’re currently running or planning to launch.

Why do one?

A critical, external review of your operation will highlight strengths and weaknesses, and draw out the bespoke opportunities for your organisation as we work our way out of the pandemic over the coming months.

What do I get?

A report that sets out an action plan, including a coherent fundraising strategy for the next year. It will provide you with a blueprint to address current challenges and make the most of wider opportunities to improve your performance.

How long does it take?

Our Recovery Audit can be completed within a month of appointing Gifted. It gives you a focused and economical consulting solution, requiring a few days rather than a few weeks of work (and professional fee expense).

Fit for the future

When the fundraising climate changes, it’s usually the case that your strategic approach will need a refresh, too. A Recovery Audit enables you to reap the benefits of a short, sharp review that highlights new priorities and recalibrates your activities.

Alternatively, if the challenges are greater, impacting significantly on your wider operations or organisational structure, it could be that a comprehensive analysis of the state of play is what you need. When there are major considerations to weigh up or it’s been a long time since you last placed a critical eye on your overall strategy, a more rigorous, long-term Strategy Review gives you an overarching blueprint for success and is always worthwhile investment.

To find out more, including costs involved, contact [email protected]