Webinar 5 | Planning your Christmas Appeal

Planning Your Christmas Appeal - Free Webinar

That’s right…we’re planning for Christmas already!

It may seem strange to be thinking of the festive season in the midst of summer, but it you want to launch a successful Appeal this year, early preparation is a must.

Webinar 5 | Planning your Christmas Appeal: 2.00pm-3.00pm, Tuesday 28 July

In the fifth and final session of our free summer webinar series, we’ll be talking you through the key components of a public Christmas fundraising appeal. From timings to targets and content to resources, we'll look at what's required and most importantly, what works.

So, whether you’re a church or theatre, hospital or school, small or large - if you think a Christmas Appeal could work for you in 2020, join us for our top tips.

For registration details, drop us a line at [email protected]