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Wimbledon High School champions innovative, interdisciplinary learning

New Steam+ Tower Is A Hub For Cross-Curricular Learning


No scholar or discipline can exist in isolation. This is the headline idea in Wimbledon High School’s STEAM+ ( Sciences, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) manifesto. The belief that discourse and community are central to the progression of knowledge and understanding, also underpinned the School’s fundraising vision for this ground-breaking STEAM+ Tower, as part of its broader Project Ex-Humilibus campaign

Since the building opened in November 2020, students and teachers have held live lounge discussions designed to engage the wider school community and celebrate the impact of cross-curricular learning. The virtual sessions illustrated how effective it can be to move information events online, in a way that feels fresh, relevant and participative. As we all look to develop new ways of reaching givers, Wimbledon’s excellent website is a great example of how to keep our communities closely, yet remotely involved.

‘The School’s Join us on the Sofa series, is a brilliant way of demonstrating the power of bringing different disciplines together, so that learning is fostered through connections,’ says Chris Goldie. ‘It was a pleasure to work with Wimbledon to plan and deliver the campaign that has now resulted in the opening of the Steam + Tower and I love how they School has embraced digital technology to keep parents, friends and supporters informed about the project’s success.’

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