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Get in touch and ask for a free, heads together, online conversation with one of our Directors.


Help for arts, heritage and cultural organisations

Arts Council England Prioritizes Supporting Arts, Museums, & Libraries

Arts Council England has declared its number one priority over the coming months is to support people who work in the arts, museums and libraries.


Our Response to Covid-19

Gifted Remains Open For Business

Despite these challenging times, we’d like to reassure all our clients that Gifted remains open for business.

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Castel Froma Neuro Care

Helping With Neurological Conditions, Restoring Well-Being

Helping those living with complex neurological conditions to find peace of mind and feel more like themselves again.


New Leadership at Gifted

Amy Stevens Becomes Gifted Philanthropy CEO

Amy Stevens steps-up as the Chief Executive of Gifted Philanthropy taking on the leadership from Andrew Day

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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Reappointed For €10M Millennium Fund

We’re delighted to have been reappointed to advise on the planning and delivery of a €10 million millennium fund.


A deeper dive...

...into what our directors get up to when they're away from the desk.

Directors' Activities Outside The Office

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The Queen Street School Preservation Trust

Wilderspin School Complex Is A Heritage Success Story

Situated close to the Humber Bridge near Hull, the Wilderspin School complex is a local heritage success story.

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North Yorks Moors Historical Railway Trust

NYMR: Bringing Steam Engine Joy For 50 Years

Bringing the pleasures of steam engines to passengers of all ages has been the mission of NYMR for just over fifty years.


Getting better all the time

Challenges Of Fundraising In Health Sector

Raising money in the Health Sector comes with its own set of challenges.

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Schools stepping up to the fundraising challenge

Historic Month For Warwick Schools

September marks a historic month for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

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National Lottery Heritage Fund Success

National Lottery Heritage Fund Focuses On People's Outcomes

In our Spring newsletter, we advised that the new National Lottery Heritage Fund has a much clearer focus on outcomes for people rather than buildings.

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De Montfort University

De Montfort University Rooted In History

De Montfort may be one of our younger universities, but its connections are rooted in the 13th century.

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Leeds Children's Charity at Lineham Farm

Respite Breaks For Disadvantaged Children

Since 1911, the Charity has offered respite breaks to thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged children in and around Leeds.

Gifted Fundraising Consultancy - Archives

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Sharing our heritage assets

Britain's Heritage Assets Tell Engaging Stories

Britain is blessed with an array of heritage assets that tell rich and engaging stories to visitors from around the world.

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Peninsula Medical Foundation

Excellence Fund For Medical Research

Excellence Fund to boost pioneering medical research in Plymouth.


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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Located right at the centre of a bustling city, Christ Church Cathedral is loved by many as the spiritual heart of Dublin.



Standing up for Heritage

Lottery fund for heritage renamed

The long-awaited changes to the distribution of lottery funds for heritage projects begins with a change of name.

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Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Gifted Supports Major Investment In Act's Project

Gifted has been engaged to support ACT’s ambition of attracting major philanthropic investment in the £350 million project.


1 May 2019 - Edentree Charity Seminar

Strengthen Resources & Sustainable Endowments

Strengthen your resources and learn more about sustainable endowments. Book your place, here.

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Let partnerships power your school's development plans

IDPE Regional Networks Impress Corporate Partner

As a Corporate Partner, we’ve been really impressed by the organisational strength of IDPE’s regional networks.

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Horris Hill School

Leader In Boys' Prep School Education

A leader in boys’ prep school education since it was founded in 1888,


Setting up a sustainable legacy programme

Legacy Giving Program Transforms Organizations

Designing an appropriate legacy giving programme can transform the future of your organisation

Gifted Fundraising Consultancy - Peterborough Cathedral


2018 Cathedrals Conference

National Cathedrals Conference In Manchester

This year, Manchester was the venue for the Sacred Space: Common Ground, National Cathedrals Conference