Gifted Fundraising Consultants

Gifted Philanthropy was founded to give volunteer leaders the confidence and capacity to raise major funding for the organisations they are inspired by.

Fundraising Consultants

Gifted Philanthropy is one of the most experienced fundraising consultancies in the UK. Our team of fundraising consultants undertake a wide range of client work, from fundraising strategy reviews and fundraising audits to delivering periodic consultancy and full-time major capital campaigns.

Charity fundraising

Our ethos at Gifted is to deliver ‘exceptional fundraising partnerships’. We recognise that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to fundraising and so we strive to really understand and connect with our clients. This enables us to provide expert fundraising counsel to organisations in the not-for-profit sector, that’s always specific to their needs. As far as fundraising consultancies go, we not only have decades of experience, but we also share the widest knowledge of fundraising for charities and not-for-profit organisations in the Arts, Church & Cathedral, Health and Education sectors.

Fundraising feasibility study

We know that the world of charity fundraising can benefit hugely from the expertise of fundraising advisers, like the team at Gifted Philanthropy. Quite often the first piece of work our team undertake is a fundraising feasibility study. Our fundraising advisers also carry out fundraising audits, fundraising reviews, legacy fundraising programmes and capital fundraising campaigns.

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For example, you may be looking to undertake a Fundraising Audit. In this case, Gifted Philanthropy’s directors will assess your current fundraising and provide a practical review of your operations, highlighting areas of strength and weakness so that a more effective fundraising strategy can be implemented and that will help you to achieve your charity’s vision. Our team of fundraising professionals, will help your organisation’s fundraising staff to develop a fundraising strategy that guarantees a more sustainable future, both in terms of income generation and staff structure.

Fundraising strategy

At Gifted Philanthropy, we believe that fundraising strategies for charities are most effective when they avoid using templates, or off-the-peg solutions. Whilst the Gifted approach is to follow the tried and tested principles of fundraising, we also know that a successful fundraising strategy involves bespoke considerations and tailored outcomes. This is why our client portfolio holds a diverse range of fundraising strategy examples.

Fundraising advisers

If you feel the time is right to review your own fundraising strategy, why not get in touch with one of our Directors for a no-obligation initial assessment of your organisation’s needs.