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Winning Campaigns

Why success depends on a secure partnership of head and heart.


The five steps to success

We know that asking other people for money can be one of the most difficult challenges for any volunteer leader.


Gifted workshop at the Goldsmiths' Centre

Spring, with all its promise of fresh starts and new growth, feels like the perfect time to review your fundraising strategy.

Gifted Fundraising Consultancy - Dippy

Client news

'Dippy-fever' reaches new heights in the North West

Between February and June 2020, Rochdale’s Number One Riverside will be home to one of the world’s most iconic dinosaurs

Hospice Care - Gifted Fundraising Consultancy

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Treetops Hospice Care

When Treetops Hospice Care was founded back in 1983


Bringing new talent to the team

The New Year has seen some exceptional new talent join the team at Gifted.


Time to develop

As the New Year gets into its stride, many schools find themselves searching for fresh ideas in the development office.

Gifted Fundraising Consultancy book


Transforming donations into gifts

Building the kind of partnerships that generate transformational philanthropy is the subject 
of a new book

Leycester Hospital - Gifted Fundraising Consultancy

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The Lord Leycester Hospital

In the centre of Warwick stands the magnificent Grade I Listed, Lord Leycester Hospital.

Cantebury Cathedral

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Canterbury Cathedral

The origins of Canterbury Cathedral go back as far as the 6th century, when St Augustine arrived on the coast of Kent