Team Talk

New Senior Consultants Join Gifted Philanthropy

This month Gifted welcomes two new senior consultants to the fundraising team.


Value added - partnering with a fundraising consultancy

Phillip Rothwell To Shares His Experience

We asked Phillip Rothwell, Director of Development at the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation (WISF) to share his experience


Funding your bursary programmes

Attitude Valued At Epsom

“I quickly learned that what’s valued at Epsom is your attitude, not where you come from."


Time to shine

Successful Development Offices Raising Millions

Successful development offices, raising millions of pounds for new facilities, scholarships and bursaries


Building our schools consultancy team

Gifted Welcomes Two New Consultants

This summer, we are delighted to welcome two new consultants to the team at Gifted.


Join us as a Campaign Manager

Capital Fundraising Campaign Manager Position Available

We are currently seeking to engage a Capital Fundraising Campaign Manager to join our team


Creating exceptional fundraising partnerships

Partnership Involves Underst&ing Current Fundraising Position

In our new book, Gifted fundraising, we set out the various types of fundraising partnership available to the Third Sector today and offer a step-by-step guide to making those partnerships work for the benefit of the different communities they serve.

Gifted Fundraising Consultancy - Dippy


Winning Campaigns

Success Depends On Partnership Of Head & Heart

Why success depends on a secure partnership of head and heart.


The five steps to success

Asking For Money Is Challenging

We know that asking other people for money can be one of the most difficult challenges for any volunteer leader.


Bringing new talent to the team

Gifted Team Welcomes Exceptional New Talent

The New Year has seen some exceptional new talent join the team at Gifted.