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Client news

Peterborough Cathedral

Peterborough Cathedral: Norman Church Treasure

Peterborough Cathedral is one of the greatest Norman churches in England, a national treasure and a monument of international significance.

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Dublin Bay Biosphere

Dublin City Council Prepares World-Class Discovery Center Test

Despite lockdown, Dublin City Council is preparing to test its vision for a world-class Discovery Centre at the UNESCO recognised Dublin Bay Biosphere.

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Castel Froma Neuro Care

Helping With Neurological Conditions, Restoring Well-Being

Helping those living with complex neurological conditions to find peace of mind and feel more like themselves again.

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Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin

Reappointed For €10M Millennium Fund

We’re delighted to have been reappointed to advise on the planning and delivery of a €10 million millennium fund.

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The Queen Street School Preservation Trust

Wilderspin School Complex Is A Heritage Success Story

Situated close to the Humber Bridge near Hull, the Wilderspin School complex is a local heritage success story.

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North Yorks Moors Historical Railway Trust

NYMR: Bringing Steam Engine Joy For 50 Years

Bringing the pleasures of steam engines to passengers of all ages has been the mission of NYMR for just over fifty years.

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Schools stepping up to the fundraising challenge

Historic Month For Warwick Schools

September marks a historic month for the Warwick Independent Schools Foundation

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National Lottery Heritage Fund Success

National Lottery Heritage Fund Focuses On People's Outcomes

In our Spring newsletter, we advised that the new National Lottery Heritage Fund has a much clearer focus on outcomes for people rather than buildings.

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De Montfort University

De Montfort University Rooted In History

De Montfort may be one of our younger universities, but its connections are rooted in the 13th century.

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Leeds Children's Charity at Lineham Farm

Respite Breaks For Disadvantaged Children

Since 1911, the Charity has offered respite breaks to thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged children in and around Leeds.